PALS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in Kentucky dedicated to the intervention and prevention of animal abuse and neglect. PALS believes educating Kentuckians about the laws and issues related to animal welfare is essential to improve the lives of animals in our communities. If we can change minds and attitudes in Kentucky, the state named “the best state to be an animal abuser” by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the ideas will spread. We hope our services will empower the public to build a compassionate community for all.

The first step in educating our communities about animal welfare issues is ensuring residents know what the law actually is in our state. To achieve that goal, PALS has compiled Kentucky law related to animals and is providing that compilation to the public on our website. You can find state statutes relating to animals under the “Kentucky Statutes” tab. We are also in the process of adding local ordinances related to animals under the “County Ordinances” tab. If you don’t see the Ordinances for your County, please continue to check back as we are adding more every day.


PALS would like to thank Robert Nemes for his research efforts in compiling the law relating to animals in Kentucky.